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Our southern farm encompasses 1.37 acres along the intracoastal waterway, south of Sea Breeze, NC. Here, the average salinity of 27.57 ppt sets the stage for oysters with a delightful salty-sweet start and a smooth, buttery finish. As we explored this location, we discovered a small saltwater creek that carries a touch of long leaf pine flavors to the water. Adjacent to a documented shipwreck mapped by NOAA, we're still on the lookout for any buried treasures or oysters producing pearls!


Our northern farm occupies 2.35 acres located in the estuaries behind Figure 8 Island. With its close proximity to the ocean inlet, this farm offers a higher average salinity of 34.80 ppt. The oysters grown here absorb the essence of the sea, resulting in a taste that lingers with savory nuances. We can't forget to mention the distinctive "pluff mud" sediment that adds to the flavorful experience.

The taste of our oysters is not solely defined by their location—it also depends on their texture, which is developed through our meticulous growing methods. Using a combination of growing gear, we keep our oysters floating on the water's surface. We even give them an opportunity to "sunbathe" by bringing them out of the water one to two times per week. This process ensures a tender, meaty oyster enclosed within a strong, deep-cupped shell.

Beyond our commitment to providing you with delicious oysters, we take pride in our responsible farming practices that help preserve and clean our local waters. We believe that nurturing a sustainable food source goes hand in hand with caring for our environment. Join us on this journey as we continue to cultivate quality oysters while making a positive impact on our community and the ocean we hold dear.

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